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Will Contests and
Estate Litigation

Estate disputes among beneficiaries can often arise due to poorly drafted wills and other documents, lack of proper planning, or undue influence by a family member or friend. The assistance of an experienced estate litigation attorney can help resolve issues as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, while ensuring each beneficiary is treated fairly in the distribution of estate assets.

Whether you are the estate administrator or a beneficiary of the estate, we will meet with you to discuss your situation and walk you through each step of the litigation process.

When you encounter a legal issue related to wills or estate administration, it is important to have experienced, skilled attorneys on your side to explain your options and will aggressively pursue effective and efficient resolutions. Our attorneys are skilled litigators with the experience to help you with mental competence, fraud, undue influence and misappropriation of assets claims.

Will Contests and Estate Services Offered

In Negotiation

Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Misappropriation of Assets Challenges

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Clarification of Trustee Responsibilities and Fiduciary Duties

 Scales of Justice

Undue Influence, Fraud and Lack of Mental Capacity Challenges

Signing a Contract

Advisory Services to Trustees and Estate Administrators to Avoid Claims of Improper Trust or Estate Administration

Nurse with Patient

Abuse of Guardianship or Power of Attorney Responsibilities

Filling Out a Form

Assistance in all Aspects of Will Contests or Estate Litigation

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